Top 10 Ways to Feel Good Enough

It can be hard to feel good enough when there are so many outside influences telling us how there are so many things we need to fix. When you feel unimportant or worthless, you have to remember it’s just in your head. Everyone has these feelings, that doesn’t make them accurate. There are ways for you to recognize these feelings and overcome them. Here are ten ways to help you feel good enough.

1. Let Go of Expectations

You’ve probably spent a pretty large amount of time worrying about what other people think of you. Trying to meet everyone's expectations can leave you void of your own individuality. Everyone is more than likely going to have an opinion about what you do, and it’s impossible to meet everyone's expectations, so why not live your life for yourself.

2. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Everyone is different. We are born with different features and things outside of our control. Comparing yourself to other people does nothing but make you feel bad about yourself. Social media can be harmful in this way because of all the people who alter their appearance in pictures. Even celebrities don’t actually look like their photos most of the time.

If you continually try to live up to unrealistic standards, you’re going to end up hating yourself because it’s not possible. If you try to accept yourself rather than change, you can find inner peace.

3. Reflect On Past Accomplishments

Everyone has done something in their life they are proud of. You can use past accomplishments as reminders that you can do what you set your mind to. Nothing is impossible unless you act like it is. If you choose to only remember when you couldn’t meet someone's expectations or times that you’ve failed, you’ll never feel good about yourself. Failure is a part of life, but so is success.

4. Try Random Acts Of Kindness

Doing something nice for someone can brighten up their day and yours. It feels good to make someone happy, even if it’s by doing something small. A study from the Cleveland Clinic showed teens who performed random acts of kindness had higher self-esteem. Try small things like giving a stranger a compliment; this can be a small highlight to their day as well as yours. One of the best ways to feel good about yourself is by lifting someone else up.

5. Practice Gratitude

There is always something or someone to express gratitude towards. Expressing your appreciation for things in your life can give you a more positive mindset. If you try to write down at least five things you’re grateful for every day, it’s sure to help you feel better about yourself. Gratitude can help you relish positive experiences and build strong relationships.

6. Have Someone You Feel Comfortable Sharing Negative Experiences With

It’s beneficial to have a close friend you can go to when you need to vent or need a fresh perspective on events. There are a few people who are able to have a full view of your positive traits and it can be helpful to talk to that person when you’re feeling less than.

If you’re not able to chat with a friend when you need to, try asking yourself if you would talk to your friend the way you talk to yourself. This can give you a good look at how your inner critic can affect you. Try to find positive things you like about yourself that make you a good person.

7. Use Positive Affirmations

A very useful tool is positive affirmations. Telling yourself that you are good enough seems so simple, but it can hugely affect how you view yourself, especially if you do it regularly. You can create a list of positive things you like about yourself and recite them however often needed.

Some examples of positive affirmations

· I am worthy.

· I deserve love. I deserve happiness. I deserve kindness.

· I am ok just as I am

· I appreciate myself.

· I am beautiful.

· I am enough.

8. Try to Live By Your Core Values

Everyone has a set of core values, but that doesn’t mean everyone lives by them. Living by your core values means you’re living your life authentically. Doing so means you don’t look for others' approval, and you know who you truly are. Try to figure out what you value most and live by those standards, not other people's.

9. Workout

Exercise is an amazing way to increase dopamine levels and reduce things like anxiety and depression. Not only that, but it makes you feel great about yourself. It’s an accomplishment if you can push yourself to do physical activity even if you don’t want to.

Working out improves self-confidence and can help issues with body image. It’s great for your health, so even mild exercise like going for a walk can make you feel like you’re doing something great for your body.

10. Try Therapy

Sometimes changing your daily habits and talking to friends isn’t enough and that's ok. Therapy is a good option for people that need extra help. A therapist can offer professional guidance and support that other people may not be able to and teach you ways to improve self-confidence and lessen negative thoughts about yourself. Asking for help can be challenging, but everyone needs help sometimes.

Final Thoughts

Try to remember everyone has instances when they don’t feel good enough, and that’s ok. It takes courage to admit you’re having trouble feeling good enough. Changing your mindset takes time but can drastically improve your quality of life. You can change your view of yourself if you stop looking to others for approval and stop comparing yourself to unrealistic standards.

You can add things to your daily routine that can bring positivity, like working out, keeping a gratitude journal, and reciting positive affirmations. Change the way you feel about yourself by changing how you talk about yourself. If things like this don’t seem to be helping, it may be time to consider therapy. There’s no shame in asking for help when you need it.

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