Tips on How to Become More Creative

Being creative is not something that we’re all just instantly born with. Some people are born being extremely creative while others tend to be a little more close-minded when it comes to certain things. If you’re already a creative person then you shouldn’t worry about anything since you’re basically one step ahead of everyone around you in terms of skill and adaptability, but if you do not consider yourself creative then you mustn’t worry because creativity isn’t necessarily a thing that you’re born with.

Think about it as a muscle, one that you need to work on in order to empower it. The good thing about this is that we, the human race, tend to work quite hard in order to achieve our goals, which makes us very adaptable to most scenarios. Ever since the beginning of history we’ve been forced to adapt and overcome extreme conditions in order to succeed, which is how we became the apex in the food chain.

This is why in this article we decided to teach you how to train that certain muscle in order to become more creative and adaptable to your surroundings.

Give Yourself Deadlines

This is a very important step since it does actually help you take care of certain business that you most likely don’t want to do at the time while also forcing you to find ways to achieve this feat. This added level of stress makes you adapt further to your surroundings, forcing you to become more resourceful and as a result increasing your creativity levels by a lot.

But don’t stop there, make sure that those tasks that you have to do are extremely hard to achieve, so you actually have to work hard in order to get everything done by the end of the day. If you do not manage to make it all happen then you mustn’t lower the difficulty under any circumstances, quite the contrary. Fight through it, as mentioned previously, this won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

The more you do this the better you’ll feel since you’ll eventually end up becoming a better version of yourself, learning how to deal with both stressful situations while also helping you look outside the box in order to find ways to complete these tasks. All in all, this is definitely a very good approach to becoming more creative.

Think Outside the Box

We mentioned this previously, but it’s such an important thing to keep in mind that we can’t help but repeat ourselves, so you understand the importance of it. Never conform to your surroundings, don’t accept defeat just because you don’t have the exact materials just lying around. As a wise man once said, “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome”, and whatever you do, never allow yourself to be caged by the ideas that everyone else came up with.

You’re not supposed to follow and repeat what those around you say/do, you’re supposed to fight through it all and come up with new ideas in order to solve your problems. Modern problems require modern solutions, so don’t just wait there for things to change, come up with your own way of doing things, regardless of how stupid and outrageous that way may sound at first. The more outlandish the ideas the better because it will make your horizon expand and thus allow you to look at more options than before without being skeptical about them.

So, next time someone asks for your advice, ignore all of the solutions that the person most likely already came up with on their way to you. They’re not looking for the obvious; nobody is, so just throw out all of your craziest ideas and ways to handle things. One of them is bound to work, and the funny thing is that most of the time these “crazy” ideas tend to be way more effective than your standard run-of-the-mill ideas.

Learn From Your Mistakes and Improve

The past should never just be referred to as “the past”. You need to stop treating your past mistakes as just “the mistakes made by who I was back then” and instead treat them as failed experiments. Ask yourself why that plan didn’t work, force yourself to come up with different ways to fix these problems, ignore what everyone says and even if your plan at the time did work, always look for different ways of achieving your goals.

The world is not simply made out of 1s and 0s, it’s not a “choose the right option” type of a scenario, most of the time there are over a hundred ways of approaching something, each providing you with a different outcome. You must decide which way works best and which way gives you the best profit, so once you do come up with a strategy always have a plan B and C ready just in case. Be ready to switch between them on the spot so you can adapt to whatever happens next. That is the best way to become creative through trial and error.

Avoid Technology and Stick to the Basics

Even though technology definitely has its ups and downs, it should be mentioned that we mustn’t focus solely on it in order to fix our problems. Social Medias and search engines can do wonders, but they can also decrease the amount of brainpower you use in order to solve your problems. It’s like you’re turning on hacks during every minor altercation.

Sure, it’s quick and effective, but the moment you’re left alone without that important technology to back you up you’re going to be completely and utterly lost for words. This is why you need to prepare ahead of time in order to make sure that you don’t end up relying too much on that and instead focus on working your mind hard enough to force it to come up with solutions to your problems.

You can always stay connected and look things up in case you have no idea of how to do something, but you mustn’t rely on it at all times because it’s not an exact science. You’re not a robot, you don’t see life as a big conundrum filled with 1s and 0s, you see the world as it is, which is why you need to use your brain more than you use that phone or computer. Trust us, you’ll thank us later after you see the difference for yourself.

Read Books like Robinson Crusoe

In case you didn’t know, the novel entitled Robinson Crusoe is a perfect example of a person that is dropped off in an unexpected environment and forced to adapt through his creativity alone. This is a great example of the human mind’s engineering power, as it helps you see just how resourceful the main character gets in every situation, to the point where he makes a desolate island a paradise in just a matter of a few years.

You can do the same if you put your mind to it, so why not check out more books that refer to people using their wits in order to overcome insane challenges? You have books like Gulliver’s Travels, Treasure Island, To Kill a Mockingbird, etc. Pick your choice; luckily there are plenty of options to choose from. Pick books that speak to your creative side!

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