Self-Confidence 101

Self-confidence is such a valuable trait to possess. From it stems our belief in ourselves and our ability to act in various situations. Those who possess self-confidence have a strong belief in their abilities and from that are able to take action and risks that often result in rewards.

However, those who struggle with self-confidence often find themselves having troubles engaging with others, decision-making, and believing in their talents, skills, and knowledge. For some people, self-confidence seems to come naturally, but for other people, it can be more of a challenge. Thankfully, self-confidence can be nurtured and built upon.

Ways to Enhance Self-Confidence

  1. Positive Affirmations: Positive affirmations are a way to reinforce positive ideas about yourself and your abilities. By reciting various phrases, sentences, or words you can increase your self-confidence over time at a subconscious level in a way that translates into conscious results. Implementing phrases into your dialogue on a daily basis such as "I am capable” or “I am confident” can actually lead you to have a more positive view of yourself, and therefore act out of that enhanced sense of confidence.

  1. Track Success: Actively tracking and reviewing those things we have accomplished in any area of our lives can work wonders at boosting our self-confidence. When we can actually see what we have achieved and how we have succeeded, it reminds us of our abilities and encourages us to continue with our efforts. A proven track record of success combats any negative beliefs or doubts about what you are capable of and propels you forward.

  1. Do Something Purposeful: Accomplishing a task each day can build on the ritual of tracking accomplishments by helping you to see just how capable you are. The task itself does not need to be the same each day but completing something each day (even if it’s small) helps to motivate and encourage you. Consider tasks such as doing one chore each day, playing a game on your phone, or completing a crossword puzzle. These are small and relatively quick tasks that can be done with confidence each day as a means to boost your own confidence.

  1. Surround Yourself with Positive People: The people we surround ourselves with can greatly influence levels of self-confidence. Positive people can often uplift and encourage us when we are feeling down or doubting ourselves. Others can often see things in us (traits, characteristics, and abilities) that we can sometimes overlook. By reminding us of those things and encouraging us we gain confidence in ourselves. Also, simply being reminded that we are loved and cared for can boost our spirits and make us feel more confident overall.

  1. Stop Comparison: Research has shown that individuals who engage in comparison experience feelings of envy which contribute to a diminished sense of self-confidence. Looking at the life, accomplishments, skills, or talents of another person can make your own life or skills seem insignificant and not worth celebrating.

Thus, focusing on yourself and taking your eyes off of others allows you to see the value and meaning you have and the talent and skills you have, separate from anyone else.

  1. Self-Care: While it may not seem directly connected, taking the time to care for your mind and your body can help with self-confidence. As you are engaging in activities such as eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and caring for your mental health promotes a physical and mental state that supports self-confidence.

When you physically and mentally feel well, you are more likely to see and embrace your value than when you’re not in a good physical or mental state. Therefore, prioritizing your mental and physical wellness becomes essential to establishing a strong sense of self-confidence.

Self-confidence is something that can be cultivated with purposeful action and meaningful intention. Even if you find yourself struggling presently, you can improve over time. By implementing the rituals and practices mentioned above you can start to see meaningful improvement in your confidence levels and find greater levels of satisfaction and success as a result.

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