No Woman is an Island Series - Unity Mentality

There have been a lot of books that were written to discuss the so called “Me Generation”. However, it seems that this way of thinking and approach is a long way from being limited to a particular age group or generation.

As you look around, you will find that more and more people today are becoming narcissistic. These people are those who only pay attention to themselves and to their needs. These people tend to take advantage of everything at the expense of others or even the entire society. In reality, there are usually two probable alternatives for a way that a person focuses or proceeds, either with a mindset that is focused on “ME” or “WE”.

Those who concentrate on “ME” usually proceed over life in a possessive way wherein they think of everything to be theirs. These people think of themselves most of the time and they do everything just to maintain their personality as a king. With the mindset of these people, it is very obvious that they are the ones who experience difficulties in getting united with others.

Through having the so-called “unity mentality”, people will be able to build unity inside the community or group where they belong. You can say that a certain person is having this mindset if he or she thinks of not only the good their self but are more focused on getting the best things that will benefit

everyone. If you have this way of thinking, you understand why people should work and live harmoniously and you know the benefits of unity.

If you really want to see your group united, you should start by thinking about how you should act as a leader and a motivator for your team.

Develop your mindset, and if it needs changes, change it. To experience the benefits brought by unity, you must start improving yourself and do everything you need to develop a “unity mentality.” As soon as you have it, proceed by helping your group members develop and possess this way of thinking too.

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