No Woman is an Island Series - The Live and Let Live Mentality

When you hear the phrase “live and let live”, what comes to mind? Dictionaries state that it is an idiom that expresses a particular idea, and that people must be able to live their lives in a way they desire to, no matter what others might think of them. Then, there’s the so called live and let live mentality.

Look at people around you and observe the way they spend each day of their lives. What you will notice is that they have fun, and they do whatever they want. They aim for something that makes them happy and they live the most comfortable life.

Having the live and let live mentality means you want to be free and have total control of your life. Nobody can stop you from spending each day of your life the way you want. When you have this kind of thinking, you simply focus your whole attention to what makes you feel good. You do not pay attention to what others think of you. Here is the problem.

Every person is different and your beliefs in life might be opposed to the viewpoints of your friends or loved ones. There’s a conflict, causing both of you to have misunderstandings. The result is that, both parties may not be able to build the realm of unity.

If you ever find yourself wondering what’s wrong with the relationships in your life, it is important to take time to think about it. Find out how you can apply the theory of the live and let live mentality and the diverse meanings it can hold for you. What if you are opposed to the convictions or beliefs of somebody? When the expression of those viewpoints affects you directly, you should stand up for yourself respectfully. Demand a respectful dialogue or try not to show your reactions at all. Always remember that individuals have enormously different experiences and outlooks on almost everything.

Always remember that things are not always going to go in your favor. What is good and dear to you could be disgusting and toxic to somebody else. Unity can be found in naturally by considering various and opposing point of views.

On the other hand, you must show people around you the respect you want from them and learn to speak up instead of keeping your opinions and beliefs to yourself. After all, they are your convictions and beliefs, and they offer rules and principles to your life and not for other’s lives.

According to researchers, people who are happy in life are the ones who are eager to continually re-evaluate their convictions and principles. Does somebody have a problem with your religious beliefs? Well, unless you’re out of place in conversations and actions, it’s their problem…not yours. But, if you’re the one who has the problem, learning to have the live and let live mentality can help you see that unless somebody is behaving improperly toward you, the problem is yours, not theirs.

You’ll be astonished to learn how most aspects of your life can change dramatically and to a great extent. By having this mentality, you can make new friends instantly and people will find you as someone who can understand them, though their beliefs vary from yours.

Your frustrations in life will be lessened and the pain you feel deeply within your heart will start to fade. Your long-term relationship with someone, that might have become stale or strained, will have a new life. All of this is what you will get once you strive to learn how to gain this kind of mindset.

Having this state of mind is one thing that will help you a lot in building a harmonious and happy relationship with people around you. When everything goes fine between you and them, unity will be established. It only means that to live and let live makes it easy for people to be united.

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