No Woman is an Island Series - Practicing Unity

So, you are serious of making your community or group united and strong. There are ways to get there and achieving this goal will never be hard for you to do if you know the right steps to take. To give you a jumpstart, here are some of the ways you can promote unity. How to Promote Unity? For sure, all of the benefits that unity can offer will push you to motivate your buddies and make them understand why they need to value unity. Now, you need to proceed to learning how to promote unity.

Promoting unity is a very vital part of supervising any successful organization comprised of three or more members. Sharing common beliefs and having a sense of a typical purpose is important for unifying a group of coworkers, members of an organization or sports players. Establishing a sense of unity will help your group reach their set goals more effectively. Here are the crucial steps that you should follow while promoting unity: Develop a Universal Objective Having a common and clearly defined objective will allow your team to know the direction you desire to proceed. Gather the members of your group and ask everybody what their thoughts about the shared objective are, if applicable.

Write down every idea given and validate each. Determine if there’s a universal thread. Choose your common aim and set up parameters like the date the objective must be attained.

Organize Team-Building Activities Depending on the kind of your organization, team-building activities can become a fun and lighthearted way of promoting a sense of cooperation and unity. You may organize a set of activities that will be exciting and great for everybody.

Uphold Open Communication You need to encourage every member of your organization to communicate honestly and openly. To encourage a sense of cooperation and unity, each member of the team should feel that he or she is appreciated and acknowledged.

When people have objections or recommendations regarding the group’s activities or operation, you must permit them to voice these issues. Inside an open forum without judgment and criticism. You can do it in a public discussion setting wherein everybody can point out their concerns or contribute recommendations within a team or have an open- door rule, making the group members know that they can always discuss the issues privately.

Observe Important Events Celebrating important events as a group can also help you to promote a sense of oneness inside of your organization. You can arrange a small celebration to rejoice these events. Plan the party accordingly and you must make it a cheerful and festive occasion. You may buy some decors and hand out flyers to announce the upcoming party. Problem Solving You must be responsible enough to address any problem that will arise. Nothing will kill a group’s sense of unity quickly than ignoring problems. Give time to address the problems and concerns of the members of the group as it makes them feel that you care and that you are committed to encouraging cooperation and unity. Tips to Follow for Improving Your Team’s Unity Once you have seen that everyone in the group starts valuing and showing care for one another, you should not let your team’s unity dwindle down. It must be kept forever. Here are some tips to follow so you can effectively improve your team’s unity: · Have an external function – all it takes to make unity last forever is to have an external function to escape from the project. This gives everyone a chance to learn more about each other on a more personal level.

· Have a fundraising project –an activities that will definitely make everyone on your team happy is a fundraising project. It could be as

simple as a car wash or it can be something that is more intense such as a camp. Just choose an activity that is team oriented, which you know will make money for the group, and be sure to include every member of the team to work as a group.

· Team building sports – let all members of the group have fun. You may arrange some team games instead of individual games. Such games will require every member to work together. With these games, everybody will be forced to join, have fun and work together as a group. · Team drills – when the members of the run through drills and warmups, just make sure that they are all doing the activity as a group. Things such as running, lining up or leaving together are teaching everyone indirectly the importance of unity.

· Team punishments – if somebody happens to make a mistake or violation, the team will need to decide what kind of punishment should be given as a consequence. This will not only force everyone to follow the rules through peer pressure, but it will help you have a better and more united team as well.

· Improve communication – ensure that communication is vivid between the managers and team members. Have open door policies or stand ups as it will help in alleviating confusion while it opens the closed doors for improved communication among the group involving the managers. · Move people all over –when you can change up the groups of the members of the team, do it. To improve unity, every member should meet different people from time to time. It will not only help with groups amongst the team. But this will also become an opportunity for each member of the group to meet new people. There are times that paring senior members with new people becomes a good practice.

· Have the seniors run practice – at some point of time, it is indeed ideal to have all seniors run projects in order to make them see and feel how hard it is to run projects. This will incorporate a few of their ideas.

· Modify it up – try altering this up every now and then. It will make the practice of unity more engaging, plus it will get the minds of everybody off of any tragedy that might or might not be happening.

When you follow everything that you have learned from this book, you can be sure that developing unity within your group or community will be a reality very quickly. Backup your plan for a change with patience and determination to succeed and soon you will have succeeded!

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