7 Signs of Insecurity

Insecurity points to an internal feeling of inferiority that presents itself in various areas of a person’s life. The signs of insecurity can show up differently among different types of people.

While the following list outlines some of the most common and noticeable signals that can hint at someone’s insecurity, this list is not comprehensive and should not be used as a definitive means of identifying the presence of insecurity in a person.

1. Overly Apologetic: One common sign of insecurity is an individual who seems to apologize for nearly everything. People who are insecure can often feel as though they are a burden, interruption, or as though they are causing an inconvenience for others.

As a result they will apologize for things such as sharing their thoughts/ insights or asking for things they need. The constant feeling of insignificance and inferiority will lead them to apologize for things that don’t require an apology and can drain those around them.

2. Shows Off Excessively: Some people who are insecure will show off whenever they get the chance. For some, feeling as though they are not enough or that they don’t offer value can make them feel as if they must showcase their strengths and accomplishments in an effort to obtain approval which they believe will contribute to feeling secure.

3. Downplays Accomplishments: While some people might constantly brag and show off when it comes to their accomplishments, others will actually downplay or overlook their own accomplishments when they feel insecure.

For some individuals, insecurity causes them to see little to no value in their contributions or accomplishments and thus they don’t feel the need to mention them. There can also be a level of comparison that prevents a person from seeing value in their accomplishments because they see another person’s achievements as being more meaningful or impressive.

4. Perfectionism: When someone feels insecure, they may be pushed towards perfectionist tendencies. When a person is feeling inferior and insignificant, they may feel a need to try to do and get everything right as a means of proving to others and to themselves that they have worth and value.

Of course, this can be a draining task as perfection is an impossible standard to achieve and failing to achieve such can actually lead to more feelings of insecurity in the end.

5. Jealousy: A person who is insecure often finds themselves feeling jealous of others. This jealousy can come in the form of being jealous of people who seem to be more secure and sure of themselves.

There is envy that others possess a confidence they desire to have which might cause them to act out towards those individuals. The jealousy can also look like being jealous of other people’s accomplishments and other aspects of their lives that you feel make you look or seem inferior, again causing you to act out against others.

6. Withdrawal: Another common sign of insecurity is withdrawal or isolation. When a person doubts themselves there can be a tendency to want to stay away from others who one might feel contribute to those feelings.

If you feel inferior, then you may not want to spend time around someone you perceive as being better than you or making greater contributions than you. Especially because you might believe that being around those people might highlight your weaknesses for others to see.

7. Attempts to Make Others Feel Insecure: A final way insecurity in a person might show up is via their attempts to make those around them feel insecure as well. Some people might think that by making others feel bad about themselves it can hide their own doubts. This is a harmful tactic that can go on to hurt others and generally does little to make a person feel any better about themselves.

If you notice one or a combination of these signs in your life it is recommended to take some time to assess whether you are dealing with insecurity and for what reasons you might be dealing with those feelings. Doing so can help you get to the root and make improvements so you can go on to live a fulfilling life.

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